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Land Deed- William Devenport To Temperance Chandler- 22 Feb 1838 in Greenville Co., SC

William Devenport To Temperance Chandler- pg 139
Two Hundred and Sixty One acres (Devenport Homeplace)
The State of South Carolina
Greenville District

Know all men by these presents that I, William Devenport, of the State and District aforesaid for and in consideration of the natural love and affection I have for my Daughter Temperance Chandler, and one dollar to me in hand paid by the said Temperance Chandler of the said state and district aforesaid, have given, granted, bargained, sold and released, and by these presents do give, grant, bargain & sell & release unto the said Temperance Chandler, after my own and my wife's death, the plantation where I now live, and tract of land as described below, lying in the state and district aforesaid on the waters of Horse and Mountain Creeks. Beginning on a P.O. 3x thence running S.1.E.53.10 to a stake 3x bounded by land belonging to I. and John Kirby. Thence N.88 1/2 E. 51 to a stake 3x thence

page 140

N.24W.51.50 to a pine 3x thence N.70 1/2 W. to the beginning containing two hundred and sixty one acres, be the same more or lefs [less], but I retain possession of said plantation and everything appertaining thereto as long as I or my wife lives, and at our death to be given up to the said Temperance Chandler. Together with all and singular, the rights, members, hereditaments & appurtenances to the said premises belonging or in any wise incident or appertaining to have & to hold, all and singular the said premises above mentioned unto the said Temperance Chandler her heirs and afsigns [assigns] forever, And I do hereby bind myself my heirs executors and administrators to warrant and forever defend all and singular the said premises above mentioned unto the said Temperance Chandler (after the death of myself and wife) from myself and my heirs and from every person whomsoever lawfully claiming or to claim the same or any part thereof. Witnefs [Witness] my hand and seal this 22nd day of February A.D. 1838- and in the 62nd year of the Independence of the U.S. of America. Signed sealed

acknowledged and delivered in presence of

William Devenport, L.S.
Lewis H. Shumate
William Allison
Micajah Berry
Isaac Kirby

South Carolina
Greenville District

Personally came before me (the subscribing magistrate) Micajah Berry and made oath that he saw William Devenport Senr sign & seal the within deed of conveyance to Temperance Chandler, for the use & purpose therein specified & that L.H. Shumate, William Allison & Isaac Kirby were subscribing witnefses [witnesses] at the same time. Sworn to and subscribed before me this 8th December 1842.

Micajah Berry
L.H. Shumate, M.G.P.

Recorded for 4th January, 1843
Original delivered to I. Devenport

Transcribers note: Original document showed Devenport spelled as both Davenport & Devenport in the body of the deed; also both the names Isaac Kirby and James Kirby were listed as the 4th witness (Isaac in 1838, James in 1842)

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