Monday, September 15, 2014

Military Monday- CSA SC Soldiers

I am always looking for newly digitized records and just found a extremely special one. In 2012, the Dead Librarian reported that she found a ledger of CSA Soldiers for the entire state of South Carolina. This book has been digitized and can now be found online! You can read the post on the Dead Librarian’s blog here:

I was specifically looking for “Roll of Company E, Hampton Legion, South Carolina Volunteers, in the Confederate States Provisional Army.” I found the first page of this group on page 325 and it can be seen here:

This page includes the following names:
Bozeman, T.L.
Adams, T.S.
Arnold, R.B.
Davenport, W.A.B.
Nesbitt, C.D.
Thompson, M.W.
Huff, J.R.
Howard, C.P.
Stenhouse, J.T.
Baker, T.P.
Copes, Joel
Hammond, J.S.
Parler, L.E.
Thompson, J.P.
Pinson, J.D.
Peden, D.T.
Babb, T.D.
Austin, F.M.
Bagwell, W.A.
Fowler, J. Wilson
Kirby, W.V.
Peden, A.M.
Harrison, J.L.
Godfrey, J.R.
Meeks, James
Allison, R.B.
Anderson, S.L.
Austin, W.T.
Austin, Chisolm
Austin, T.W.
Austin, D.M.
Aughtry, Robert
Aughtry, W.M.
Allison, James
Acker, E.H.
Acker, Newton
Bozeman, J.J.
Babb, Martin
Bookhart, J.T.
Baker, T.
Harvey Boyd, J.S.
Berry, A.J.
Blythe, J.W.
Coker, H.S.
Coker, Marshall
Coker, Wilson
Coker, Robert
Coker, Thurman
Chapman, J.T.
Chapman, Ira C.
Chapman, J.W.
Chapman, Elias
Chapman, Soloman
Cely, H.W.
Chandler, J.M.
Chandler, P.L.
Carson, Joseph
Davenport, John
Davenport, C.J.
Davenport, Joseph
Davenport, W.P.
Davenport, Berry
 Davenport, Martin
Davenport, Willis
Davenport, Ira C.
Davis, William
Davis, G.W.
Dawson, Stephen
Dorroh, P.C.
Emmons, Austin
Estes, James
Eskew, Y.D.
Eskew, S.A.
Eskew, J.R.
Eskew, Simeon
Fowler, R.A.
Fowler, J.W.
Fowler, J.J.
Fowler, M.T.
Felder, J.D.
Farmer, R.H.
Fuller, W.S.
Fernandes, H.F.
Goldsmith, J.W.
Gambrell, Norman
Gunnells, Robert
Guinn, John
Guthrie, William
Huff, John H.
Howard, J.D.
Hiett, J.S.
Holliday, J.J.
Jones, J.L.
Jenkins, J.H.
Jackson, B.E.
Johnston, W.H.
Kirby, J.P.
Kisler, John
Kisler, Andrew
Livington, W.O.
Livingston, A.P.
Livingston, Thomas
McCoy, Ira C.
Marshall, W.L.
Mattison, L.W.
Mattison, T.S.
Meares, Wyatt
Meares, S.M.
Myers, Jeremiah
McCollough, James

I've found more information about the following soldiers:

Pinckney Lafayette Chandler: This is my 2x great-grandfather.  He was born 29 Dec 1842/ died 25 Dec 1868; son of Willis Chandler and his wife, Leanna Campbell; husband of Susan Elliotte Vance Chandler Davenport; father of Dr. William Vance Chandler

Francis Marion Austin: born 17 Oct 1837/ died 7 June 1916; brother in law of  Pinckney Lafayette Chandler (married to his sister Sarah Ann “Annie” Chandler); son of Vincent Austin and his wife, Mary Kerby

Chisolm Austin: brother to soldier Francis Marion Austin

Thomas W. Austin: also brother to soldier Francis Marion Austin

Captain William Arthur Bolling Davenport: son of Isaac Davenport; postmaster of Horse Creek

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