Friday, August 28, 2009

4 Daguerreotypes- My family's earliest photographs

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4 Daguerreotypes- My family's earliest photographs

Years ago at special times, my grandfather would go to his father’s old desk and open a few “secret” compartments to reveal four beautiful daguerreotypes for me to see. These pictures were unknown relatives from a century before, their names lost when my great-grandfather died. Staring into their eyes I felt so close to them, intrigued to know more about them- who they were, how they spent their days, were they happy? As I looked at these people, my ancestors seemed to be trying to tell me the answers to all my questions and asking me to find all the answers and more. I was instantly hooked and my fascination with my family history began.

I still look at those daguerreotypes and have so many questions. Copies of those pictures hang in my hallway so I see them everyday. If only I knew their names for sure, I might be able to piece together the rest.

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