Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Elijah Smallwood mentioned in Hall County, GA's Sheriff Sale- 21 April 1853

“Southern Banner” Newspaper
Athens, Georgia

(Published weekly on Thursdays)

21 April 1853

Hall Sheriff’s Shale,

Will be sold before the courthouse door in Gainesville, Hall County, on the first Tuesday in May next, within the legal hours of sale, the following property to wit:

Fifty acres of land, more or less, in said county…

Also at the same time and place, all the right, title and interest, that the defendant has in and to the tract of land where on he now lives, in the 12th district of said county, adjoining the lands of Elijah Smallwood and others, levied on by a fi fa issued from the Justice’s Court of the 310th district GM of said county, Henry Collam vs. John Clark, Levy made and returned to me by a Bailiff.

March 31 A. Kennedy, Sh’if

Microfilm in possession of Hall County Library, Gainesville, GA branch

Microfilm:  “Southern Banner: March 18, 1852- March 8, 1855”
Cabinet #2, Drawer #8, Reel #11

Transcribers note: Title of article was written as “Hall Sheriff’s Shale

This article had one more paragraph that I have started as “Fifty acres of land…”

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