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W.L. Buffington and others named as jurors for Jan. 1902- Gainesville, GA

The Gainesville Eagle

Date: 1 August 1901

Jurors Drawn for January Term, 1902.

The following named persons were drawn to serve as grand jurors at the January term of Hall Superior Court, 1902:

A.H. Jackson, R.C. Simmons, P.N. Parker, Walter W. Cooper, Asa T. Vandiver, Jno. W. Hubbard, Harrison Kennedy, F.A. Spencer, Andrew Thompson, Jas. N. Waters, Joseph E. Dyer, E.P. Chambers, W.A. Howington, W.T. Sell, J.R.W. Thompson, Andrew S. Pierce, Jas. J. Hudgins, J.A.J. Elrod, Jno. J. Martin (Bark-Camp), Joe M. Bell (Morgans), Jno. H. Boleman, Hershael V. Johnson (Roberts), W.L. Baker, Jas. B. Reed (Polksville), Wm. T. Haynes (Quillians), Geo. E. Sims, A.C. Harrison, Jas. M. Wayne, Jas. M. Bagwell, J.C. Hill.

Below is the list of those drawn as traverse jurors:

First Week.

Jno. W. Kytle, E.J. Elrod, C.C. Porter, Jno. G. Stringer, sr., Wm. B. Meadows, J.B. Fields, A.T. Langford, B.F. Roberts, H.C. Canning, J.J. Hyde, J.D. Twitty, G.D. Wiley, C.C. Harwell, W.L. Buffington, G.W. Irvin, jr., Jno. R. Brice, W.T. Martin, W.A. Turner, J.W. Pierce, F.A. Watkins, G.T. Cook, L.W. Day, G.W. Gould, H.C. Parks, W.T. Haynes, W.W. Duncan, Robt. N. King, Jno. L. Ellis, Jno. R. Robertson, Raymond D. Cash, Frank M. Whelchel, J.J. O’Kelley, S.J. Vandiver, C.H. Irvin, K.G. Wiley, M.L. Waters.

Second Week.

Wm. E. Bolding, Jno. H. White, W.A. Crow, Alfred Adams, G.T. Mason, Jos. H. Martin, R.S. Reed, jr., T. Shelly, W.L. Rogers, J.C. Wallace, D.J. Bagwell, B.C. Camp, C.M. Black, O.D. Gilmer, N.J. Laws, J.T. Little, W.P. Brown, S.D. Grier, M.S. Green, W.M. Jackson, W.C. Wheeler, Wm. M. Potts, Jno. W. Jones, W.K. Gaines, Wm. J. Wilson, F.W. House, L.F. Roberts, Jno. H. Turner, T.M. Patten, P.A. Lathem, S.S. Herrin, Raymond Thompson…

(this is a partial list- the juror list continues)

Microfilm at Gainesville Branch of Hall County Library, Gainesville, GA

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